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The manual collection and evaluation of call data records from original telecom provider data is complicated and time-consuming. Already collecting and entering small amounts of data is bound to be subject to human errors and distortion of valuable information.

Screenshot Koyote-Software The Koyote Software does that job and saves your time for more important investigation tasks. As an interface between the confusing raw provider data and your specific investigation or analysing software Koyote gives you a clean overview of the call data records and lets you find data easily in a comfortable table view as well as in the raw data.

There are also several tools available for data analysis already integrated into the Koyote software. Each table allows you to produce a report that holds various information, such as a listing of all phone numbers and the frequency of their appearance in the call data records.
By analysing a group of tables you can find out which phone numbers appear in the call data records of more than one crime scene. And there's more... Just with a few mouse clicks!

The intuitive Windows user interface offers all known functions like Drag&Drop and makes everything very easy. The import of provider data is automatic, provider and data format are recognized automatically.

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